WHO IS non-Brand


NON-BRAND does not follow trends. NON-BRAND has its own identity. NON-BRAND does not seek to standardize women. NON-BRAND wants you free to choose what to wear. That is why it was created for women to express ourselves and we can decide what to do and what to don’t. If you like it is the only thing that matters to us.


And another thing that matters to us in the same measure is our four-legged friends. That’s why NON-BRAND created its foundation to help those we know deserve a second chance. That is why we decided that a dollar of all the sales that are made will be destined to the foundation 4-PAWS and once a year the funds will be allocated those causes that most need it.


On the other hand NON-BRAND is a brand that is identified by its name of corner of this world. Traveling is your fuel and knowing an infinite need. That’s why we invite you to be part of NON-BRAND and join us in this adventure that is known as life. We have one, take care of her, love her, educate it. Be part of Non-Brand and become into yourself branding.

I'm Regina Mari, founder of non-Brand Company. Who love fashion as the way to be fun. The dress color is never worried.

 I'm behind the manufacture, prints, and production. 

 It is proudly made in Las Vegas, USA. Non-Brand is the hand made product by me.

The big project I have is #4 PAW charity.

My biggest dream is through non-Brand help; all our beautiful #4 paw friends need a second chance.

I would love all of you be part of it every time you purchase from the web page.